Facts you did not know about rock music

The sound of this music is a pretty interesting, diverse and fun part of our culture today. The most famous bands and individuals come from England, but this music form originated in the United States in the 50s of the last century. Later, mostly in the 60s and 70s, rock developed into a wide range of different, interesting and great genres and subgenres. Some of them are more a lifestyle that includes music than only a music genre. Today there are many of those and it is really hard to pick certain ones up and mention them without to mention other ones.

The 1960s were the period of the golden rock or also known as classic rock. This is the time when the first bands were formed. Later in the 70s came some of the most epic rock bands, to this time. Those were Led Zeppelin formed in 1968, The Beatles formed in 1960 and many, many others.

Although heavy metal is not that big of a genre of rock music, it is the one that comes to minds of many people who do not actually know rock music, when they hear the word rock. Rock music has, unlike other forms of music, dealt through its lyrics with a wide range of themes. Romantic love is of course one of them, but also sex, rebellion, social concerns, life styles and many others.

One of the first Rock and Roll musicians was Elvis Presley. He was a huge name back then on the whole music scene and still is to this day, although he is dead. Many consider the album That's All Right (Mama) from 1954 to be the first rock and roll record. The fact that rock and roll has infiltrated so much in our lives can be proven with the fact that there is a genre of rock music called Christian rock that promotes love for Jesus and God.