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New documentary film. You can join too if you want. Some question to think about…
Where were you when you first heard the band? What was it about them that struck you? Choose 3 songs, what do they mean to you? How have they affected your life? What memories do they trigger when you hear them? How do you interpret the lyrics of these songs? Or maybe the lyrics are irrelevant to you, it’s just about the music? In your mind what makes NMA different from tall the other bands?

You could have been following NMA for 30 years or just discovered them. You could be young or old, and it certainly dosen’t matter where you are from or what language you speak (Charlotte speaks Polish and French). It would be helpful if you are on Skype but not essential, email is fine for starters. You just need to have something to say about New Model Army and don’t mind being filmed. Also, if you know a great fan who may no have seen this, please tell us about them!

New shop, downloads and rereleases

We are happy to announce that finally the new Online Shop is finally up and running. It’s been revamped, looks great and to celebrate we are having a sale. On October 1st we will be launching a brand new Download Shop alongside the main Shop featuring tracks, free downloads, ringtones, and special items unavailable anywhere else… including a specially remastered and partly remixed version of Joolz’s 1991 album Weird Sister - which featured musical performances from Justin Sullivan, Nelson and Ed Alleyne Johnson.

We can also announce the re-printing of the “New Model Army & Nobody Else” live album. Having sold out of copies of the original, we’ve taken this opportunity to improve the packaging of this great double CD with new photo and design. However the audio remains the same. A previously complete revamping of the Vengeance and the band’s other pre-EMI recordings (including previously unreleased material) is coming soon.